4 beds down and counting, they are double dug by hand and amended with mushroom compost, humic acid, mychorrhizae, and prayers. Our first order from Southern Exposure seeds came in yesterday. I am glad I took some risks. However, fingers crossed for good quality water. We will be digging a sweet potato patch tomorrow… anyone wanna help?
We are feeling sow blessed to have these cool nights. They’ll lettuce buy into a low-risk arugula hustle before the door closes on the season. We will follow up with summer crops starting with a hearty lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, long beans, and some other tasty surprises. Thankfully we have a big trellis, tough kids, hungry humans, and a farmers market starting in May. I just want to make sure that the soil and vegetables are loved first before being consumed and turned into energy. Meanwhile, I am still training for triathlons and working 6 nights a week. These are exciting times ahead, and I love being a human. I hope that we all get to rejoice in healthy soil! As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. #craftveggie #sowseasonal2015 #veggiehustler #sowfresh


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